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Interview The Interviewer

When you attend a job interview, it almost never fails that the interviewer will finish the meeting by asking, “Do you have any questions?” Also, without fail, you probably blank on anything to ask and end up deflecting the question.

Have no fear! We have prepared 10 questions to ask at a job interview so you will never be ill-equipped again!

The Position

  1. What have past employees done to succeed in this role?

This gives you the advantage of knowing the methods for the employee in that position that are successful and how the company measures achievements.

  1. What are the first priorities for this position?

This question allows you to take note as to what is expected of you in the position and the time management needed to accomplish the tasks.

  1. How has this position evolved?

By asking this question, you will be able to see the growth potential in the position as well as the company as a whole.

  1. What are some of the biggest challenges that a person in this position would face?

This question not only tells you any struggles you may face, but also gives you the opportunity to describe to the interviewer how you could overcome the challenges.

The Environment

  1. What does a typical day look like?

This question gives you a hint to their company culture. Do the employees go out for lunch? Can you play music at your desk? Are there any company traditions? This will provide an idea of the office atmosphere.

  1. Can you give me examples on how I would collaborate with my manager?

When you ask this, you obtain an understanding of how self-sufficient the position requires you to be as well as how involved you are in any decision-making process.

  1. I’ve found the company is involved with _________, can you tell me more about it?

This question is great to showcase research you have done to prepare for the interview. Companies love when candidates are well-prepared and by asking more about the work, it shows genuine interest in the company.

The Company

  1. What are your company’s current goals and how will I be helping to achieve them?

When asking this, you are displaying a motivated mindset. You already have their goals in mind and will find out exactly how you can make them happen; showing them an ambitious attitude.

  1. What is your favorite part about working at this company?

This question allows the interviewer to get a bit more personal and gives you the opportunity to see how employees enjoy working at the company.

The Bold Question

  1. Do you have any hesitations about my qualifications?

This question shows that you are willing to take criticism while also allowing you to respond to any concerns they may have. Your confidence will shine with this question forcing the interviewer to take notice.

The main objective to asking these questions is to relate it back to why you are best suited for the job. With that in mind and these questions, you are sure to ace the interview!